Larry OG

Strain Review: Larry OG
     As I open the medical vial to indulge in some Larry OG on this Wednesday afternoon I am instantly hit with an intense dank, lemon-scented aroma that assures me that this is indeed some good stuff. Emptying the vial I notice that the dense nugs are smaller than most strains and are very tight and compact. The buds have both light and dark tones of green with burnt, dark, reddish orange hairs extending out beyond the edgy calyxes that tend to look more dry and natural than damp and sticky. 
   Larry OG is slightly sticky and breaks down into a leafy course look, but don't let that fool you on its potency. This flower definitely tastes like it smells with hints of citrusy lemon accompanied by a piney yet clean and fresh earthy aroma. Like most OG's the smoke hits your lungs heavy but is in fact quite smooth on the throat. The sweet lemon-scented clean hits provide instant medication, and instant gratitude for this beloved plant. 
   As I inhale the woodsy yet sweet flavor of my favorite strain my eyes become slightly heavy and relaxation kicks in almost immediately. This strain provides great pain relief with a head to toe body buzz just after a few hits. However, I would say that it is a more uplifting effect that will have you feeling relaxed both physically and mentally. Although sometimes mistaken for an indica, Larry OG is definitely a hybrid as it has a lot of sativa-like traits. This is expressed by the cerebral buzz that kicks in shortly after the body high leaving a big smile on your face. The only real downside to this incredible strain is dry mouth and dry eyes, so have a drink and some eye drops within reach and you'll be just fine. 
   Since it is a hybrid Larry OG has multiple medical purposes. So if you are seeking pain and stress relief, Larry OG can kill two birds with one nug, so to speak. Although it provides a relaxing body buzz to start, it also stimulates the mind. So this strain can be used to help you relax after a long day or to focus and get something done without having that overwhelming couch-locking effect, thus making it my favorite strain of all time!
grow, grind & prosper!