There has been a lot of talk lately comparing marijuana to alcohol in regards to the toxicity of each drug and which one is truly more or less harmful to our bodies. Although the picture above makes some pretty clear arguments that marijuana is in fact less toxic than alcohol it still is like comparing apples to oranges. Both marijuana and alcohol have their own set of risks and consequences for the user, and for some they are far greater than for others due to an array of variables that come into play. Is abstinence the healthiest option for us as humans? Sure, you could make a strong argument for that, but for some that is not at all realistic. Alcohol is so ingrained in our culture and marijuana has been around since ancient times, so it is safe (or unsafe, depending who's reading this) to say that both are here to stay for as long as we roam this earth.

    The argument that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol or vice versa cannot be proven for it is too broad of a statement comparing two totally different substances. One that is inhaled as smoke or vapor, eaten as an edible, or as a concentrated form of oil compared to one that you drink orally as a liquid. So it is pointless to try and make an argument for which one is 'less toxic'. However, it is just a way for marijuana activists to be heard in an effort to end marijuana prohibition by making a strong argument that if alcohol is legal, then marijuana should be too.

   It is simply time to take a step forward and put both marijuana and alcohol on the same playing field and educate society on both substances in a similar fashion. This way we can all be aware of their true consequences and benefits to each of us as individuals in regards to the various variables that come into play from one person to another. For one person marijuana use may help with anxiety but for another person it may cause anxiety. The only way for us as individuals to figure that out and to make a sound decision on using or refraining from either is through education. As mentioned before both substances are here to stay so proper education and awareness will only benefit us as a society moving forward. 



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