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Marijuana Affects Autism, But Not How You'd Think by The Inquisitr

     As the push to legalize marijuana for medical use and even for recreational use moves forward, more and more studies continue to surface that reveal positive benefits for patients with cancer, glaucoma, and even AIDS. A recent study also reveals that marijuana can be very therapeutic for those with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The study suggests that medical marijuana can supplement or even negate the need for stimulant drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall. Researchers have studied how marijuana affects mice with symptoms of Fragile-X Syndrome, a disorder that causes autistic symptoms. After being treated with the medical marijuana the mice showed dramatic behavioral improvements in maze tests measuring their anxiety and open-space acceptance. Although these are just initial findings, it opens more doors for future research that could help reveal the mysteries of autism and give us a better understanding of tonic endocannabinoids and their effect on humans with these conditions. 



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