Live free or high! New Hampshire signs medical marijuana bill into law.

new hampshire medical marijuana


     On Tuesday New Hampshire became the 19th state, and last one in New England to legalize medical marijuana. Many thought this legislation was long overdue in an effort to provide legal, safe, and reliable access to medical marijuana for those suffering from debilitating conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and much more. New Hampshire's Governor Maggie Hassan, who signed the bill on Tuesday, stated that, "Allowing doctors to provide relief to patients through the use of appropriately regulated and dispensed medical marijuana is the compassionate and right policy for the state of New Hampshire, and this legislation ensures that we approach this policy in the right way with measures to prevent abuse." 

     The new law allows patients with cancer and other serious conditions to possess up to two ounces of medical marijuana from a licensed, non-profit dispensary. Although it could take up to two years to get the program operating, it gets New Hampshire caught up with the social and political trend of treating marijuana as a medicinal alternative in an effort to provide safe and legal access to patients in need. Live free or high! Stay medicated New Hampshire! 



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