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Medical marijuana for kids? by Sylvie Haller and Linda Carrol, NBC News


     With medical marijuana now legal in 18 states, more and more stories continue to surface in regards to the positive effects of medical marijuana on those with autism, cancer, epilepsy, and more. Some of these success stories even involve children; yes kids taking medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms for certain conditions. Some would say there should be a line drawn and that children should not be treated with medical marijuana. However, for those who have tried every other option to help their loved one, sometimes it is the only hope they have left, and for some it has truly been a miracle. 

     Take Zaki Jackson for example, who at 6 months old was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that led to him having up to as many as 250 seizures a day. Now that is a lot of unneccessary trouble that a parent and child should not have to deal with on a daily basis. Seizures can cause many different symptoms such as shaking or jerking of arms or legs, falling down, losing consciousness, blank staring and much more. In Zaki Jackson's case, he would stop breathing until the seizure was over. Ten years and 17 medications later Zaki was still facing these troublesome seizures with no positve changes. Then Zaki's doctor wrote him a prescription for medical marijuana and the results were immediate. Zaki has not had a seizure for eight months now, and he is beginning to take part in the normal activities of a child, like riding a swing. Imagine being a child and not being able to ride a swing? 

     Now those who disagree with medical marijuana for children must think that a joint of weed is rolled up and handed to the child to smoke because I don't understand their logic when it comes to this topic on children using medical marijuana. In fact, the medical marijuana is made to have low levels of THC and higher levels of cannabidiol. What this means is basically that the child does not get "high" like any other person would by smoking a joint for example. These cannabinoids in the medical marijuana are in fact very similar to endocannabinoids which are already produced naturally by our brains. These natural substances help to quiet excessive activity (such as a seizure), and therefore those with epilepsy benefit from an extra dosage to help slow things down a bit in the brain. Zaki takes his medical marijuana in a syrup form, otherwise known as cannabis oil which is high in CBD. It is ultimately saving Zaki's life and giving him a quality of life that a child should not miss out on. So if medical marijuana was the last resort to try and save your child, I think we all would be a little more open to giving it a try. 



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