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UFC changes how it will test for marijuana by Maggie Hendricks


    The UFC has decided to catch up with the shifting attitudes and views on marijuana use in society today by following the lead of the World Anti-Doping Agency and changing the way it tests fighters for the "drug". The UFC plans to increase the threshold for detection levels of marijuana in the fighters system for International fights. Therefore the fighter will have had to use more marijuana to come up as positive. This obviously doesn't mean that the fighters can smoke freely regardless of when their next competition is, but it certainly gives them a much more clear time frame of how long they should remain abstinent so they can assure that they will be qualified to fight. I still believe that the fighters should be able to smoke whenever they want, but obviously the UFC is an organization of its own with their own set of laws/rules that they enforce. However, as legalization continues to progress in the United States it will be interesting to see if this "threshold" increases as well, and maybe one day it will disappear all together along with prohibition. Stay medicated!



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