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Candy man with mission to spread marijuana hands out THC lollipops in New York by Shane Kavanaugh


    Judah Izsraael of Weed World Candies is on a mission to spread the truth about marijuana by handing out marijuana-infused lollipops from South Beach, Florida to New Orleans to New York. Like many of us he believes that marijuana has had a bad rap for too long and he wants to change that even if it takes one lollipop at a time. He travels around in his Ford Econoline covered in marijuana-themed graphics and pot leaves handing out lollipops to those who are interested in enjoying a THC-laced candy. Many are intrigued to see what he is doing and even surprised that he is able to do it, especially in a state like New York where for the most part law enforcement has been strict in enforcing marijuana laws, even just for personal possession. Although New York is making an effort to be less stringent on marijuana possession for personal use, it is still a state that is on the fence in regards to legalization for medical or recreational purposes. So handing out THC lollipops in Jamaica, Queens like it's your normal ice cream truck will definitely bring a lot of attention, and that's exactly what Judah wants. Judah claims that his lollipops contain only a very small, yet legal amount of THC. Although it may not get you high, the message is clear and friendly. Stay medicated Judah and grow, grind, & prosper! 



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