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Marijuana regulations signed into law in Colorado by Fox News


    On Tuesday a new set of laws were signed in Colorado in an effort to regulate the recreational marijuana market within the state. These new laws are outlined by regulations on how marijuana should be grown, sold and taxed. Democratic governor John Hickenlooper believes that these measures are a big step in the right direction in regards to the state's attempt to navigate and oversee legalized recreational marijuana. 

    The new laws cover how the "drug" should be grown and packaged while also defining purchasing limits for out-of-state visitors (age 21+) who will be limited to one-fourth of an ounce in one single retail transaction. Those who are 21+ and reside in the state of Colorado can possess up to an ounce of the drug and can grow up to six plants. However, Colorado is attempting to ban the sale of marijuana in places that sell food and drink that are not infused with the drug. Food that is laced with marijuana will also have to be to-go orders. This is obviously set up to avoid people, for example, sitting down at a restaurant and eating a marijuana laced pasta dish before driving home. This is completely understandable, but if you think that to-go order will not be touched until the person gets home, you're crazy. You will see people at red lights just scarfing down pasta dishes, pizza, and other infused edibles like there's no tomorrow. Hey, I guess in regards to smoking and driving, eating and driving is a lot safer since the edibles don't kick in right away, lmao!

    Regardless, it is great to see the state of Colorado taking initiative and setting up the appropriate laws to regulate the newly legalized industry within the state. Hopefully all goes well and these laws can be a blueprint for other states to follow, pending any intervening actions by the Federal Government. 



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