Tommy Chong - Marijuana Saved Him and Could Save Country

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Chong says legalized marijuana could save country by John Carucci


    Tommy Chong, most known for his role in the marijuana-themed comedy Cheech & Chong, says he has beaten prostate cancer, and he credits marijuana in helping him do just that. Chong refers to marijuana as the "magic plant" and says that with the right diet and supplements, marijuana use can help certain patients with the terminal illness. Chong credits his recovery to his Canadian doctor and his methods of using "hash oil" and suggesting a strict diet. Chong began using cannabis to treat his cancer in June 2012 after 3 years of being drug free. 

    Chong continues to advocate for marijuana legalization and has said that it "means a lot more to me than just being able to smoke a joint without being arrested." To him it is much more than that, as it has helped him overcome a terminal illness. Chong not only advocates for the medicinal benefits of marijuana, but he also believes that legalizing marijuana on a federal level would offer numerous benefits in regards to an economic boost for the country. Chong says, "Hemp itself is going to save the world." Chong for President. Case closed. 



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