Last month Greenomix attended an event in San Diego, California called CannaBazaar, which is a tribute to cannabis art & culture. The featured artist, Cathy Lee, specializes in cannabis-themed oil paintings. Read more about the artist and check out some of her work below! Also be sure to check out her website at 






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About the artist:

My name is Cathy Lee and I am a professional cannabis artist . I grew up in San Jose, CA, and have been residing in San Diego for the past ten years. I have been oil painting professionally for three years, though I have been creating art since the age of 5. My influences include cartoons, comic books, graffiti art, and photography. I consider myself a self-taught artist, but have been mentored by my mother, who too is a natural artist.


At what age did you first find your passion for art?

My passion for art came at the age of 5. I used to draw in all of my classes throughout my academic years to escape from boring teachers and uninteresting subjects. 


Where did your inspiration come from? Who are your most favorite artists?

My all-time favorite artist is Alexander Calder. He is a brilliant artist and engineer who built amazing mobile metal sculptures. I am also inspired by Rousseau, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Picasso, O'Keefe, Diego Rivera,  Cristo, and Monet.


Based on your work it seems as if oil paintings are your preferred method of art. Are there any other forms of art that you enjoy creating? 

I also enjoy watercolors, airbrushing, color pencils, and graphite.


How and when did you come to find out that cannabis art/oil paintings were your specialty? 

In 2010, I was creating my graffiti-inspired oil painting series. Since cannabis was already a passion of mine, I decided to experiment with drawing cannabis plants in my graffiti-influenced style. I then painted my first cannabis painting titled, "Nug" (15X30"). 


Is there a specific message behind your cannabis pieces, or is it more just the hidden beauty of the plant itself that you enjoy expressing?

My message is simple… cannabis is beautiful!  So yes, the message is about the "hidden beauty of the plant itself." My goal is to create a visual experience on canvas, where the viewer feels a little intoxicated just by looking at the paintings.


How do you feel about the whole legalization movement? 

I believe in more clinical research and safer access for medical marijuana patients.  Regulation and taxation with political checks and balances are necessary for the legalization of adult (21+) recreational use. Our federal government needs to take cannabis out of Schedule I and stop raiding organizations that abide by their state laws.


Other than art what other hobbies or passions do you enjoy taking part in? 

Hiking, cooking, and horticulture are some of my other passion.




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