colorado legalized  by Kristen Wyatt


     Yesterday Colorado's marijuana task force (which is made up of lawmakers, law enforcement officials and marijuana activists) agreed that the amendment on marijuana use in Colorado should apply to any adult age 21 and up. Therefore the use of marijuana in the state would apply to any adult, not just Colorado residents. If the lawmakers agree on this constitutional amendment, which would allow those visiting from out of state to freely buy and smoke marijuana, then Colorado could quite possibly become the Amsterdam of the U.S. (without a Red Light District of course).

     If Colorado doesn't take this approach people are still going to visit from out of state, but they will purchase the marijuana on the black market as opposed to regulated shops which could control how much the tourists are allowed to purchase at a given time. This would control the potential trafficking of marijuana to other states and would also boost the economy in Colorado as tourists will visit to experience the legalization of marijuana on U.S. soil. I'm not saying you should pass up a trip to Amsterdam, because that city will always be unique with an interesting history, but wouldn't it be that much nicer to spark up and smoke a legal joint right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.? Stay medicated Colorado!



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