So even with the two location changes due to unfortunate circumstances it is safe to say that The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2013 in San Bernardino was a great event from start to finish! A large joyful crowd, amazing weather, and free dabs were all present at the High Times MedCanCup 2013 in Southern California. Although the free dabs were intriguing, I wanted to check out other products that also offer healthier alternatives to smoking.

The VapeXhale provided just that and for the most part seemed to be a very simple product to set up and use. Like most vaporizers, the VapeXhale heats the plant material to a point hot enough to release the active ingredients in the form of vapor. This vapor is a lot more healthier for your lungs in comparison to "smoke" that is inhaled through the more 'mainstream' methods of smoking such as joints and blunts. When I tried the VapeXhale I was amazed at how smooth and clean it felt when I exhaled. It didn't appear that I inhaled anything until I released my breath and saw a large cloud of vapor. It almost felt like a "breath of fresh air" yet it still was providing the necessary ingredients for medicating. I was so intrigued by this vaporizer that I made a couple more stops at their booth to enjoy it again! The VapeXhale ended up taking home the "Best Product" Award for the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2013 and deservedly so! For those looking for healthier alternatives to medicating I would highly suggest this product!


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