NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that the police force will no longer book those for low-level marijuana-possession in the city. As long as you have an ID on you and no warrants you will be released with an 'appearance ticket' rather than being held in custody until your court appearance. This is a win-win for the city and those who carry around a small possession of marijuana for personal use. The city will benefit from having more police resources dealing with more significant issues and the recreational and medicinal marijuana users can continue on with their lives with no harm done. New Yory City is filled with many creative-minded people that just so happen to enjoy indulging in cannabis use, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes. From artists, to musicians, to writers and many others, marijuana helps to induce creativity and enjoyment in their respective passions. These people do not belong in a jail-cell for 24-36 hours because of a small possession of marijuana. However, here in 2013 it seems as if New York City is beginning to make the necessary changes to stop the arrests of recreational users. Stay medicated NYC!



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