Greenomix Collections


     We would like to welcome all visitors, new and old, to our new and improved website/e-shop! Here on you will find our three Premium-fit t-shirt collections as well as a community of people who share a similar lifestyle. Feel free to interact with us and others through our blog and social media profiles! We plan to run different promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so stay tuned in for the latest design releases, discounts, and giveaways!

     Our three t-shirt collections include 'The Nug Collection', 'The Successful Smoker Collection', and 'The Greenomix - Grow, Grind & Prosper Collection'. Each collection is unique in regards to the themes displayed in the designs, but all of them represent the lifestyle that we and so many others alike partake in. For too long we have been forced to keep this lifestyle private or behind closed doors for the sake of our own reputation, but why? We believe that we can enjoy this lifestyle responsibly and still be productive and positive members in society! Through our website and t-shirt designs we hope to shed positive light on this worldwide community of creative, intelligent, and successful smokers!


Stay tuned and stay medicated!


grow, grind & prosper