Cool Cannabis Products: Défoncé Chocolatier Marijuana Edibles

A former Apple employee has come up with a creative and helpful design for a line of marijuana edibles, Défoncé Chocolatier. Eric Eslao has designed a bar that contains 180 milligrams of THC. The cannabis infused bars are three-dimensional in design and can be broken down into 18 pyramid shaped 10-milligram doses. This allows the user to take measured doses to see how much the THC will affect them, therefore preventing a chance of possibly taking too much or not enough. Défoncé uses CO2 oil rather than weed-infused butter in their bars in belief that it is more evenly spread throughout the product, therefore keeping more closely measued doses in each pyramid piece. The chocolate for the bars is outsourced from two gourmet retailers and Défoncé offers flavors which include coffee, vanilla bean, dark, mint matcha, and hazelnut. Check them out and find out more HERE: Défoncé Chocolatier 


Defonce Choclatier marijuana cannabis edibles

Defonce Choclatier marijuana cannabis edibles

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Nathan R. 11/23/17 12:11:54 PM

That would be acknowledging essay writing service update for the people who are chocolate lovers. I don’t know how the government allows the marijuana in chocolate which would be pretty dangerous for health. I don’t in favor to use such things which involve the intoxicating stuff.

Poppy 01/06/18 07:50:00 AM

Everything has it's good and bads. The did report cannabis could make a person's skin fresher and younger, though there are some tradeoffs. Which at times aren't going on towards.

Poppy 02/10/18 05:33:01 PM

This creative and helpful design for a line of marijuana edibles, Défoncé Chocolatier is great. I visit website and collect many useful information, These chocolates bars look`s very nice and delicious. Can I have one!

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