California to Vote on Recreational Marijuana in November 2016!

Recreational Marijuana Coming to California?

In November of this year voters in California will decide whether or not to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. California is the nation's most populous state and arguably the biggest potential market in regards to the marijuana industry. California's secretary of state made the announcement on Tuesday that the measure had received enough signatures to be considered on the ballot for November of 2016. 

If this initiative passes, adults age 21 and over would be allowed to posses, transport, and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana. They would also be allowed to grow up to six plants for recreational use. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana for medical use back in 1996, but has since failed to make such progress in the recreational aspect of legalization. However, with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Oregon, advocates believe this measure has a significant chance of passing due to their success and more regulation at the state level. Get out there and vote to help pass this!

California marijuana legalization 2016


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