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Study: Couples who smoke marijuana are less likely to engage in domestic violence by Christopher Ingraham


A new study by researchers at the Unversity of Buffalo has found significantly lower incidences of domestic violence among married couples who partake in smoking the herb. Data was collected and studied from 634 couples over nine years of marriage, starting in 1996. Regular questionnaires were given to the couples and included a variety of issues from recent drug and alcohol use to instances of physical aggression toward their spouses. This is one of few studies that examines data collected over the course of decades to see if there is a correlation between couples who smoke marijuana and if they have more positive relationships. The authors of the study do state that although these findings are predictive in regards to couples who smoke being less likely to commit domestic violence, it still does not necessarily draw a casual line between the two behaviors. However, what most of us in the cannabis community can conclude is that marijuana gives you a more positive affect in regards to your emoitional state, therefore we are less likely to resort to violence or aggression when it comes to our interactions with other humans. However, what would be the results of a study in which just one person in the relationship uses marijuana? Does this cause negative interactions in a relationship since both partners are not fully understanding of the others point of view? As a marijuana user, do you prefer to be in a relationship with someone who is also a user, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes? In other words, could you be in a postive, successful, and ongoing relationship with a non-user? Let us know your thoughts by creating a Greenomix account and commenting below! 




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